What You Should Know About Your Wheelchair Battery Charger


One should realize that wheelchair battery charger must be fully operational in transfering electricity and its proper function. Find out how wheelchair chargers affect the efficiency of the battery is your primary concern.

An essential part of your powered wheelchair is the stored electric energy in your battery. It's the lifeline of your electric wheelchair as without it you can not move into your desired position. It is very essential for everyday living especially for those who depend on their electric wheelchair as their primary source of transportation.

There are lost of newly designed batteries that can suit your need in electric wheelchairs. Wheelchair batteries are designed to be reused for a number of times. You must have a compatible charger on it for you can use it all over again. Three types of batteries are available in the market. First is wet, then gel and last is AGM. These different types of batteries must have specific chargers.

These characters are classified into two types:

o Manual- requires constant supervision for it can permanently damage the battery in time if not plugged out after fully charged.

o Automatic- automatically monitors the charge in the battery and automatically shuts off if the battery is fully charged.

You must consider safety issues in using batteries before buying your preferred wheelchair battery:

o Sensors must probably be built into the charger and wheelchair to detect the connection between the wheelchair and the battery if it's correct.

o The wheelchair, charger, and the batteries may also be protected by using connectors that only allow proper connections.

o When you purchase a single purpose charger, the charger should match the charging configurations required by the battery.

o Purchased chargers must meet the power standard requirements of the local country's power supply.

o The wheelchair movements must become inoperable when the batteries are being charged.

o Lastly, a charger should not be left plugged in to the battery for over 24 hours as it can permanently damage the battery or can cause accidents like battery acid leaks or fire.

You must consult your local dealer to find out which charger will suit you best before purchasing your preferred wheelchair charger. Then if you already purchased what you need, read the manual first before using it. Follow all directions for safety and can make your battery last longer. The manual also includes safety guidelines when charging the wheelchair battery.


Source by Jed Baguio

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