What You Should Know About Warranty Laws Of Motorized Wheelchairs


For as long as one purchases any original products on any registered and recognized distributor, it will always be guaranteed to have a warranty. This warranty ensures that the quality of the product and the buyer’s money is not sacrificed. Since wheelchairs are expensive, the buyers must know the laws or rules regarding its warranty so that when problems occur, they will be solved immediately.

As amended under 10/96 under section 670 of the general business law, the warranty law for the motorized wheelchair contains discussions about the troubleshooting, replacement of the products and refunding the money.

The buyer must understand all the terminologies being discussed in the section.

a. “Collateral costs” refers to the amount paid by the consumer for the repair of any defective parts of the wheelchair.

b. The term “consumer” may refer to:

The person who bought the motorized wheelchair from any manufacturer or dealer of the motorized wheelchair for a purpose other than resale.

The person who is entrusted by the motorized wheelchair for a purpose other than resale and if ever the transfer of use happens, the express warranty of the motorized wheelchair expires.

It pertains the person who gives the warranty.

It can also pertain to the person renting the motorized wheelchair coming from any recognized outlet of motorized wheelchair under a written lease.

c. The term “demonstrator” is the motorized wheelchair which is used for public demonstration.

d. “Early termination cost” refers to the expenses obtained by the renting outlets of the motorized wheelchairs which results to the termination of the written lease occurring before the specified date of expiration.

e. “Early termination savings” refers to the obligations or expenses that are being avoided by the renting outlet of motorized wheelchair resulting to the termination of the written leases occurring before the expiration date being specified and returning the motorized wheelchair to its manufacturer stated in this section in the third paragraph of paragraph b of subdivision 3.

f. Manufacturers refer to:

The person who is manufacturing or assembling the motorized wheelchair

The manufacturer’s agents, importers, or distributors

Could either be the factory or the distributing branch

Could also be the warrantor of the manufacturer

It must be remembered that the dealers of the motorized wheelchair is never considered as the manufacturer. ..CONTINUE [http://wheelchaireasyguide.useful-tips.com/12/what-you-should-know-about-warranty-laws-of-motorized-wheelchairs]


Source by Jed Baguio

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