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Designed for the Home

Wessex Residential Home Elevators are designed for the home and are perfectly suited to the home environment.
If you can no longer manage the stairs, and don’t want your staircase obstructed by a stairlift, our lifts are probably the most dignified and stylish way to travel between floors. Our elevator can add value to your property.

Unapologetically Unobtrusive

  • One or two day installation.

  • The smallest model takes up less than 1.3 sq yards of your home.

  • The elevator doesn’t require extensive building work (no machine room or pit).

  • Once the lift is upstairs, it disappears from the downstairs, freeing space.


Let your imagination be the only limitation

With virtually unlimited combinations of options, extras and colors, design your own, perfect, home elevator, with Wessex.


  • Door Locking:

    One of our most frequently asked questions is about opening the door when the lift is moving. Short answer; they won’t, thanks to our smart ‘interlocking’ system.
  • Safety Sensors:

    Quickly bring the elevator to a halt if they sense something is in the way.
  • Illuminated Push Button Controls:

    Intuitive, power at your fingertips!
  • Level Access (no pit):

    The floor of the elevator is designed to allow things to be wheeled in and out of the elevator car, without a pit construction.
  • Trapboard:

    The trapboard serves as an aesthetic and safety feature. It offers a code compliant fire seal in both directions. Additionally, the upstairs
  • Battery Backup Lighting:

    Ensuring you won’t get left in the dark in the event of a power outage. Set on a timer, they will turn off when the elevator has not been used for a while.
  • Glazing:

    Our VE has been designed to be as bright and as open as possible.
  • Power Door:

    Comes as standard with the Elesse Spec.

The VE Model

Elesse Model

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