Stairlift Help-Woman Wants To Send Terminally Ill Dad On Holiday


Stairlift Help – A woman from St. Austell has launched a fundraising campaign online because she wants to send her 69-year old, terminally ill father on a vacation that he has always dreamed of. According to Sally Robson, who is 36 years old, she wants to raise at least £3,500, for Arthur Robson, her father, who has cancer of bones, spine, and esophagus. She had set up a crowd funding campaign last month because her father had always dreamed of going on a cruise. Sally and her three siblings want to fulfill their father’s dream and have asked the local community to help.

Sally, who used to work as a store manager, gave up her job three years ago due to health problems after which her father cared for her. According to Sally, her father was a gem of a person who always did his best to help everyone out and never asked for anything for himself. She says that in future their father will not be to get up and go anywhere due to his deteriorating health, so now is the time to do something to fulfill his dream of going on a cruise.

The campaign was launched last month via the GoFundMe page and since then £500 have been collected for Arthur who is also the grand father of four and great grandfather of one. The campaign is also collecting money for a stairlift, because Arthur can’t travel up and down the stairs and is confined to a wheelchair.

Kelsea Little, who is the media director of the GoFundMe website, says that Sally’s campaign of raising money for her father’s vacation and stairlift is very inspiring, and it is great to see how much the local community, family and friends were doing to help Sally out. Kelsea further added that GoFundMe is a local platform that raises money for ill and underprivileged people by asking the local communities to help by taking part in the fundraising. Till date GoFundMe has raised around £800 million from 13 million donors to help people out with their education and medical costs.

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