Mobie Plus Manual Mobility Folding Scooter


Mobie Plus Manual Mobility Folding Scooter

The Mobie Plus manual mobility Travel Scooter is a new addition to Solax, a brand that is highly trusted and industry leading in lightweight foldable mobility travel scooters.  This mobility travel scooter features a host of new and improved features. The Mobie Plus mobility folding scooter works via an advanced release lever allows you to manually fold and unfold the unit within seconds.  Enhancing your experience. This requires no tools and is completed in just three (3) easy steps with little effort.

The efficient and comfortable tiller has been redesigned to allow for easier adjustment for both the angle and height with greater ease. The Mobie Plus mobility travel scooter folds into a compact lightweight contained unit weighing only 54 lbs. with battery. It has a 300 lb capacity and travels 4 mph top speed.

What good is a mobility folding scooter without a space-saving design that can provide easy and accessible transport. The Mobie Plus also has a convenient storage making it easy to fit in the trunk or front/back seat of a car, van, boat, bus or train.

Its most remarkable new feature is onboard battery backup storage compartment allowing you to travel 2x the distance (up to 26 miles) for longer travel, making this mobility travel scooter your most reliable and best travel companion. The Mobie Plus lithium battery conforms to all government regulations for safe air travel and is equipped standard on all Mobie Plus mobility folding scooters.




Mobie Mobility Folding Scooter

Solax Mobie Plus Manual Mobility Folding Scooter is the most innovative foldable mobility scooter. The Solax Mobie is designed for people looking for a lightweight and easy to transport mobility solution. Its compact design enables user to easily transport the Mobie plus on a plane, train, boat or car.



The Mobie Plus is the most innovative mobility folding scooter available. Its patented design enables you to easily fold or unfolded the Mobie in less than a minute. Its compact, lightweight (only 54 lbs) and space saving design makes it the ideal scooter for travel. You can easily transport the Mobie by car, plane, train or boat, all without the use of a lift or ramp.

The Mobie Plus mobility travel scooter is equipped with an onboard battery storage compartment that enables you to store an additional Solax battery, providing you with the peace of mind to know that you can travel twice the distance (up to 26 miles).

  • Lightweight space saving design
  • Folds and unfolds in less than a minute
  • Fully adjustable tiller (height and angle)
  • Up to 13 miles per charge
  • Battery back-up System – Go up to 26 miles with two batteries onboard

Mobie plus manual folding scooter

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Home Service Plan

1-YR Free, 2-YR $199

Cup Holder

No Thanks, $30.00

Phone Holder

NoThanks, $30.00

Extra Battery

No Thanks, $500

Docking Station

No Thanks, $150


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