Learning About a Stair Lift


There are many areas around the home that can be dangerous, but of them all, the stairs typically represent the most dangerous place of a home. Seniors are most likely to have a serious accident on the stairs, but people of all ages can injure themselves from a fall. One way that many people make the stairs safe is by installing a stair lift.

Stair lifts were first invented in the early twentieth century by a man who watched his neighbor struggle on the stairs. Since then, they have evolved in to a very powerful and popular tool that can be used with most types of staircases. The most common type is the stair chair, which uses a chair to carry a person between floors. The chair is attached to a track that runs the distance of the staircase.

The other kind of stairway lift is commonly referred to as a perch lift and allows a person to remain standing as they are carried up or down the stairway. Due to the added balance required to use this type of lift, it is not recommended for most people. Instead, the stair chair is often the best choice for most people.

While almost any staircase can be outfitted with a stair lift, curved staircases can be a little tricky to outfit with a stairway lift. This is because the track will have to be custom fit to the curve of the staircase. There isn’t a standard when it comes to curves, so it is quite possible for two houses right next door to each other to have a differently shaped curved staircase. As a result, stairway lifts for curved staircases are much more expensive and typically take around three months to be built and installed.

One of the other disadvantages of a curved lift is that it doesn’t have very much resale value. This is because it will only properly work with a staircase that is identical to the one it was built with. Due to the exorbitant cost, low resale value, and time involved with installing a curved stair lift, many people instead choose to install an elevator.

The standing stair lift is the most common type used, with the vast majority of installed lifts being of this type. They are also classified by their power source, falling into the category of either AC Powered or DC Powered. DC powered lifts are the most common type used today and are also called battery powered stair lifts.

A battery powered lift is plugged into a normal electrical outlet, but instead of using this power to move the lift, it is instead used to recharge one or more batteries. The batteries are in turn used to move the lift. This allows a DC powered lift to be used even if there is a power outage, such as during a severe storm. Due to their ability to be used during an emergency, many people opt to go with this type of lift.

The other kind of lift, the AC powered lift, plugs into a normal electrical outlet and uses this power to directly move the lift. They cost a little less, but if there is a power outage, the AC lift will not work.

People have been using stair lifts for many years, but in the last twenty years, they have become much more reliable and also less expensive.


Source by Daryl Lahnker

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