Walker or Rollator Which is Better Choice?


Buying a Walker or Rollator

Many people think that Walkers and Rollators are the same item, but in reality they are two different types of equipment. Although they are both used to aid those with mobility issues with walking, the two go about it using different means. This article will explain what factors should go into a decision to purchase a adult walker or an rollator.

Adult Walker

This equipment is built with aluminum supports. Its main trait is that when walking with it, it has to be lifted, moved forward, then place back down in order for it to function properly. It does not move as easily as a rollator, but many models have wheels that make moving with it a lot easier. Compared with a rollator it gives better support & cost less, but can not be moved as efficiently.


Adult walker usually come two types, wheel or no wheeled. The wheel variety has small ‘caster’ wheels located at the bottom of it, which helps make the walker slide when it is being moved by the user, thus making an easier ride.


Bariatric Products are made for individuals whose weight is larger than the average population. Walkers can generally hold an weight capacity of 250-350 lbs. If you or a loved one weighs more than the standard walkers weight capacity than a Bariatric walker would be an option. It dimensions will be a little bigger and it also can has an higher weight capacity, sometimes up to 600 lbs.


There are specially walkers that exist to. For individuals that have an hard time walking with an regular walker there are posterior safety rollers & anterior rollers. These rollers are specially designed to aid people in walking that have diseases or ailments which affect there posterior when they walk. These walkers help keep that individual balance and walking in straight lines.

Rollator Types

A rollator is very similar too a standard walker but a rollator usually has extra features like a seat, wheels, basket, brake, etc. The main advantage of a rollator over an walker is the ease of use. Rollators are ergonomically designed to make the walking motion smoother, allowing the user to slide on the ground effortlessly. Since Rollators are trendy they usually come in variety of colors and are designed the look sleek and fashionable.

3 wheel Rollators

Three wheel rollator are usually smaller and can maneuver better around tight space. Some people believe they look better compared to 4 wheel rollators and are more stylish(only an opinion). It usually comes with a small pouch attached to the front which can carry personal items.

4 wheel rollators.

The four wheel rollator is larger and as the name says has four wheels which allows for a more stable drive. If you live on a rural area, farm, or a place where there is lots of grass & dirt, the stability of the four wheel walker can be a plus. The 4 wheel Rollator usually has an basket which is larger and can carry more items & it usually has a seat that come attached on it.

Light Weight

How much something weighs is always a factor when you have to push it long distances. If you plan to use your rollator a lot than maybe buying a ‘light weight’ rollator will be appealing to you. A ‘light weight’ rollator is designed to minimize weight; this is usually done by using light weight steel alloys & by miniaturizing parts of the rollator. These rollators usually weigh between 25% – 60% lighter than there counterparts. The lighter a load is the easier it is to push & transport. If you or a loved one has issues with carrying large weight, fatigue or just want a walker that’s small and easily portable than a ‘light weight rollator will fit you.


As with the walker they have bariatric versions of the rollator. Again if you or someone you love weighs over 300 lbs, then the bariatric version of the rollator will be more comfortable.

Walker or Rollator: The Choice

Should you buy a walker or a rollator? Well that depends on you personal situation. If you are fine walking on a Adult Walker than that is what I would choose. They are usually cheaper than rollators, & you can also get the wheeled option which can make the movement on it a lot smoother. But if you have fatigue or strength issues, want a stylish walking aid, carry a lot of items, want the ability to sit anywhere anytime, or just plain want a smoother ride then a rollator would be your best option.


Source by Elon Stackhouse

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