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Home Elevators

A Home Elevator is great way to add access to all floors of your home.  Although there are many types of systems available in the market, we believe the winding drum system is the quietest, smoothest system today.  There is no extra machine room needed for the installation of your home elevator, leaving more living space than installing some of the hydraulic systems from competing products.  The Variable Frequency Electronic Drive System ensures excellent ride quality and low noise levels.  Many times, one of our elevators can fit into existing homes in places as small as a closet.  These days elevators can be installed for surprisingly affordable prices.

Benefits of Our Home Elevator:

  • Smooth and Quiet Ride Compared to Other Elevator Systems.
  • Less Maintenance than Other Elevator Systems.
  • Most Electrical Equipment at the Top of Elevator Shaft so Less Expensive if Impacted by Flooding.
  • Our Winding Drum Elevators do NOT Require a Machine Room (Takes up Less Space in your Home!)

To request layout drawings or questions about electrical requirements, please email our sales department at sales@homeliftpros.com

  • Travel Speed of 40 fpm (nominal)
  • Standard cab size 3’x4′. Additional sizes available
  • Standard cab interior height 6’8″, 7’0″ or 8’0″
  • Electromechanical door interlocks
  • Broken cable type “A” instant safeties
  • Optical landing system
  • “Sleep mode” to conserve energy and component life when elevator is not in use.
  • Aluminum platform and rail brackets
  • Load capacity of 950lbs
  • Recessed lighting, automatic
  • Stainless steel fixtures
  • Concealed telephone for emergency communications
  • Travel distance up to 48’5″
  • Overhead clearance requirements – 6’8″ cab requires 102″, 8’0″ cab requires 117″ (measured from top landing floor level to lowest point in the elevator shaft)
  • Controller supports 4 landings standard, 7 landings optional
  • Automatic 2nd level homing (after 20 minutes, elevator will automatically move from the 1st level to the second level.)
  • All safety features required by ASME A17.1, section 5 (National Elevator Code)
  • ETL listed controller
Choose a panel design. Choose a finish: powder coated or stainless steel. Decide where you want them.

Cabs are available in 6’8”, 7’0”, 8’0” heights. (Note: High cabs require additional overhead clearance).

Ceiling designs and lighting options may be mixed and matched.


HANDRAILS: Polished aluminum handrails

GATES: Clear panel accordion gates come standard with all elevators. Custom gates are also available to complement different architectural styles and tastes.

  • Door interlocks mounted on all swing doors to prevent the doors from being opened when the elevator is not present.
  • Broken cable safeties lock the elevator cab to the guide rails in the unlikely event one of the hoist cables breaks.
  • Cab mounted solid gate to contain hands, feet, and cargo inside the elevator. Elevator will not operate unless the gate is closed.
  • Emergency phone
  • Optional emergency battery lowering
  • Optional door baffles to ensure compliance with the 3” x 5” swing door rule
  • Complete the form below to receive a free quote and more information on our product offerings.

  • Complete the form below to receive a free quote and more information on our product offerings.