You may have noticed how many different home elevator options there are available. In Florida alone, you can literally be overwhelemed with options from local elevator companies, lift manufacturers all the way down to sales companies trying to make a couple of extra dollars. The home accessibility industry is now also making its way into the space in order to serve the baby boomers and persons with disabilities as well. Elevators have made a shift from being a luxury addition to home to becoming a necessity for the new “aging in place” generation.

Home Elevator Manufacturers

The basic components of an elevator are primarily the same. You have an elevator cab, elevator doors, panel buttons and a drive system used to move the elevator from floor to floor. Over the years, many elevator mechanics have opted to buy the components from different sources to create their own elevator. At Home Lift Pros, we encourage innovation and small businesses thriving but we do not buy our elevators from anyone other than established manufacturers that are able to back up great warranties. We also ensure there is a great quality control process in place. In Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia and Oklahoma, our teams prefer the WD-9500 residential elevator from Precision Lift Industries and they also make our ODE-500 Outdoor Elevator.

We also offer the residential elevator by Inclinator in Florida. Our partner, A1 Elevators, leads the way on installations throughout the state.

Home Elevator Styles

As the desire to access multiple stories of a home by any means, other than the stairs, different types of home lifts have also made their way into the market. Not only you can have a traditional elevator installed but now things like “through the floor” home lifts, pneumatic or vacuum elevators and stair lifts have all taken their fair share of the market. Stylish wheelchair lifts are commonly installed as a lower priced elevator in many homes as well.

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